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Updated: Nov 30, 2023

You recently got engaged and are finding wedding planning has a lot a moving parts. Here are my TOP 3 tips for wedding planning:

1. Start Early: the world came to a halt for two years with the Covid-19 pandemic. Thousands of weddings were postponed and now you have many couples COMPETING to get married on that same weekend you want in September,… start wedding planning early, and if you are worried about paying so much upfront, most vendors -like we do- have the option of a deposit to secure your date with a payment plan for the remaining balance.

2. Narrow Down Your Guest Lists: I get it, it’s hard to decide who to invite. Just remember your guest lists will have a DIRECT effect on your BUDGET. How so? Everything from venue, flowers, food and liquor will be linked to guest count. For florals, if you have 80 guests, that’s 10 centerpieces, for 150 guests, you are almost at almost 20 tables and that doubles your investment.

3. Decide What’s Important to You: there are no rules! Yes, I said it. Every wedding is different and this day is about your uniqueness. Do what feels right for you. Ultimately it’s your decision, it’s YOUR day. For flowers I suggest to start separating in buckets: your must haves and your wants.

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